2018 iPad Pro VS 2020 iPad Pro!

AppleInsider compares the previous 3rd generation iPad Pro against the brand new 2020 iPad Pro including specs, design, and what you should know!

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40 thoughts on “2018 iPad Pro VS 2020 iPad Pro!

  1. what about new apple pencil for 2020 version? It wasn't announced? Will it be announced? Or 2020 version will be without Aple pencil support?

  2. Hi, regaleme uno porfis o uno mas pequeño , no tengo dinero para una de esas quiero crecer en mi canal y ser alguien grande igual que usted

  3. the iPad he is using is a fake. I found this out by comparing the camera cutout to the one on the official apple website. On his the flashlight is on the top right where as the flashlight on the iPad on the official apple website is on the top right and under it is the A.R. sensor and under that is the microphone. He also uses an iPad with a third camera instead of the A.R. sensor. You should've waited until you could actually receive it. Don't lie to your fans. Also another way we could tell this is fake is that he says that they are going to benchmark it once it comes out. If you have it you can bench mark it, but you don't have so you lied about it to get views. Flagged for misleading thumbnail and misleading title.

  4. I’ve heard the new iPad Pro is a Limon with graphic interface issues like their phone se128. I know tho that Apple are unscrupulous businessmen who will lie and deceive you regarding resolving the issues. I still use my se128 sometimes and a real Limon.

  5. Hi!
    Can it be connected to pc as in winbased pc?
    Also can an usb like typical port be used or more like to the monitor?
    If yes then can it be used as a graphic tablet for example Cintiq from Wacom? Will the apple pen still react as it does normally?
    Can the screen sharing connection be reversed? As in see on monitor what is happening on the iPad?

  6. Some people are confused but 2018 iPad Pro is the 3rd gen but if you go to the Smart Keyboard page in the Apple Store App, it says it is a 2nd gen. This is the point what’re you get confused because it’s the keyboard that’s the 2nd gen. Thank you.

  7. Buy the New 2020 IPad Pro…the 2018 iPad Pro has an ancient Processor…The A12x can Only handle Watching Movies, Maybe Email, and Very Casual Internet Browsing. Maybe casual 1080p video editing but that’s it. The A12x in the 2018 IPad Pro is Ancient and out of Date don’t buy it…it should be retired and discontinued.

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