Adam Davidson: What we learned from teetering on the fiscal cliff

It’s the end of 2012, and the US political system is tied in knots over next year’s “fiscal cliff” — a budget impasse that can only be solved with bipartisan agreement. (And the world is watching.) Adam Davidson, cohost of “Planet Money,” shares surprising data that shows how it might just be solved.

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28 thoughts on “Adam Davidson: What we learned from teetering on the fiscal cliff

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  4. The reason most americans are centrists is because they don't care and just take the center point so they don't have to discuss economics. Try to have a discussion with 60 or 70 percent of the population and you'll be a pariah. Apathy is not a positive sign.

  5. The reason why people seem more "open" to compromise on very specific issues, as opposed to more broad, vague issues, from my experience, is due to their ignorance. This is more prevalent regarding economic policy, as the vast majority of people are, understandably, ignorant of economics. HS mandatory econ courses are a complete joke, and few entertain further study into it. When grilled with specifics, they lack the knowledge to make any specific claims and weaken their argument in defense.

  6. I watched this movie because I eventually got extremely anxious about the economy and had not a clue what direction to go. Cash does not always mean anything nowadays. Thus I decided to do a bit of research and ran into Goldiverse. Now i'm so lucky, I can easily change my savings from cash to different currencies, to any precious metal at any time I like. The lawmakers can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Bing and google it Goldiverse.

  7. The dollar is still viable… it's only lost nearly all of its purchasing power. I guess if you consider that staying power, technically a corpse is still a person.

  8. Yup. It's like saying a boat with a hole in it, that happens to be afloat right now, will always float. It's structurally unsound and physics determines that the boat will eventually sink, regardless of the dry people on it high-fiving each other.

  9. "we" sure don't spend more than we take. government forcibly takes away from everyone and then spends it (inefficiently) on "solving" problems, making them worse in the process and then calls for more funds.

    That's just insane, could anyone imagine Steve Jobs forcing you to buy an iPhone and when it doesn't work claiming that this is exactly thereason why he needs to take away even more money for that cause?

  10. I gave you a thumbs up. That being said, remember the "point" of the talk. We need to begin the process of compromise. That's it…and on that point, I believe he's correct. Also, his other major point, is that democrats and republicans aren't nearly as divided on "most" major issues…however that isn't account for the independents who are actually now more the majority…I found that to be very interesting…and we they accounted for? Hm.

  11. What we had confirmed from the "fiscal cliff" is that the rich don't want their tax rate going up and will use whatever scare tactics they can to convince people it's a bad idea. We didn't learn anything because we already knew this.
    That being said, the sentiments that Adam expresses here are good. Taking everything with a grain of salt and using discretion tends to make one pretty centrist, and really, that is the best practice in these polarizing times.

  12. Of course, that is why when you have a central bank you have inflation that is about a hundred times larger than when you don't have one. As demonstrated aptly during the history of the US prior to it estabilishing a central bank authority….

  13. But then you alienate the people have also earned the right to work. No two people can ever be truly happy with the outcome of the "fiscal cliff."

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  15. Jobs are not a zero sum game. The death or retirement of a worker does not automatically open up a slot for another worker.

  16. I think that unprecedented policy changes are usually a bad thing. The laws passed are usually more closely aligned with monied special interests than they are with the needs of the average citizen.

  17. It produces dispossed peoples; for bankers benefit first and foremost from first printed money as they have acess to it and buy using the "old" prices – those who use the newly minted money than "lose" in this transfer of wealth to those with primary acess to newly printed money. In other words everyone except the bankers and their immediate friends is effectively TAXED by the banks for…USING their own money.

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