Everyone needs to relax about Xbox Series X and PS5 specs

With both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs out in the wild, let’s take a second to realize how much of the next generation of consoles is still unknown.

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36 thoughts on “Everyone needs to relax about Xbox Series X and PS5 specs

  1. You're idea of what 'everyone' is worried about shows you up to be the clueless self involved twit that you are. You really have no idea.

  2. I have an xbox 1 and I was more than ready to jump ship to the ps5, but I got to be honest… the specs aren't quite up there with Xbox so its making me second guess my decision. Only way to really know what all these numbers mean is when we get the side by side comparisons and even then, there has to be a huge difference in graphics for my to stick with Xbox. Why do I want to move to PS5? Well its not even about the games really, its just 90% of all console streamers are on ps5 and I would like to actually participate in the events they do.

  3. Lol these "both r similar" vids make me laugh

    If you were building a PC what would you want

    A very strong cpu/GPU
    A weaker one that's overclocked but still slower than the first

  4. Did this dude really just call the Xbox interface bad? Guy, the PS4 has the same interface that my PSP had in 2004.

  5. Are you kidding me? CNET wants to tell its base to shut up?! Having a discussion about the information your entire business model is built to deliver is a point of contention for you to the point where you make a video being this unprofessional, pretty bad taste man. You are demeaning us for enjoying the fun, complaining, pledging allegiances, debating. This entire vidoes concept undercuts your mission. Bad call. I want an apology. Seriously.

  6. This is true man we can't guarantee that series x will beat ps5, it's information on paper. I believe that how are hardware will run together is the most important issue. I am 100% sure that ps5 will beat Microsoft in this battle with the magnificent performance of the new ssd, variety of games, audio upgrade, joystick new feature and cooling systems. It's not only the TFS. Xbox with extra power but everything still the same with nothing new. Believe me people need to try new consoles from people who are thinking and creating something new!!

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