Greta Thunberg comes down with ‘relevance deprivation virus’

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg did not have coronavirus because she quite clearly has “the old relevance deprivation virus,” after being completely pushed aside by the pandemic says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Mr Dean told Sky News host Andrew Bolt Ms Thunberg has “met her match in coronavirus” because she was the “great prophet of doom, and prophets of doom can’t have a different doomsday”.

Image: AP


37 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg comes down with ‘relevance deprivation virus’

  1. Hopefully this is the end of this Moron!

    Good by Greta,

    You are a disgrace.

    Stand by for her take on Corona while she tries to re establish her position.

    What a shame,

    Good bye Greta.

  2. Sign a petition to President Trump to hold China accountable for the spread of the coronavirus pandemic:

  3. Oh poor little thing her fake doom and gloom was outdone by a real doom and gloom. Reality sucks doesn’t it Greta?

  4. and more in my massive sook about standards lapsing and people not doing their job properly ,,,,,,,,,,, somali pirates YOU HAD ONE JOB one job god dammit !

  5. I'm sick of the left's constant drumbeat driving their message but just as bad is this sarcastic righteousness from these self-important short bald men with loud voices and bad toupees. You don't know if she's sick or not and it is irrelevant anyway. Grow the heck up all of you. Its a global emergency, stay on point

  6. Climate emergency right? Maybe we can get an official list of the things we should be shitting ourselves over, so we don't panic unnecessarily.

  7. World BLOOMBERG

    99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says quarantine the elderly and the people with pre-existng conditions only and save the economy from further destruction

    only 10% of the population is at risk , quarantine that 10% with no contact to the other 90% unless those who provide supplies are tested clear , and then business as usual for the rest of the population , treat it like it is , a flu , do not let the powers that be complete the ownership of whats left , is it not enough that we cannot service the existing debt , this reaction to this situation will destroy the economy and peoples lives for decades to come , if not centuries , wake up

  8. Anyone who was even remotely well-informed knew this virus was a threat months ago, and she's travelling around Europe.

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  10. You can’t claim you have the virus…when you haven’t even been tested. It seems like her parents tell her things to scare her…without proof of said things being true. It’s good to stay quarantined…like everyone else we are supposed to be doing that anyway….but claiming you do have something when you haven’t been tested to know for sure is just ridiculous.

  11. As soon as Greta recovers,im sure she will be off to lecture the World Health Organization,on how they have failed the children.of the world.

  12. What's going to happen in the next three years first, 1- Dancing with the Stars, 2- 'leaked' sex tape or 3- failed acting career?

  13. Unless we in the west don't start stamping out the liberal virus in the western world, the long term outcome will by the Chinese virus × 1000000

  14. The world has been coming to an end every 10 or 12 years since I have been alive  and it's still not ended I am 66 years old hope Greta self isolates for ever

  15. Can someone explain why the media gives this much credence to a 14 yr old? Time person of the year. Really? Nobody was better qualified?

  16. Malcontent a snake in grass former Rothchild Banker.

    What an interesting family name…
    Quote: "The Turnbull's were slave traders who brought slaves to Louisiana from Jamaica and the West Indies."  The name is obviously synonymous with the business…

  17. Greta and her father went on a European tour on a train and they got infected. Why in a pandemic would you tour Europe. How dare you

  18. It's a pity that Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have Hilary Clinton's connections. Her last book was purchased by the thousands by bookstores that never even bothered to take delivery of them, because they knew no one would actually buy them. I guess Borders and Barnes and Noble like to be on the right side of corrupt politicians like everybody else.

  19. Who is Gretchen Thumbsucker? Just another communist Orator. Necessary to ignore ALL communist propaganda, unless you are a communist of course….

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