Hilarious Japanese Door Prank (Skit By Ken Shimura)

I randomly found this funny skit video on a Facebook page and I took it from the page owner and uploaded it on YouTube! Enjoy folks! 😉

I don’t own this video!


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33 thoughts on “Hilarious Japanese Door Prank (Skit By Ken Shimura)

  1. Thank you all so much for watching! I can't believe this video reached 1 million views, it feels amazing 🤩 Thanks again you people 😁

  2. He made not only Japanese people but also foreign people laugh, but corona virus took his life. 
    I still can't accept that.
    I wonder when can I defeat this hateful virus.
    I'm sorry for my poor English.
    I wanted to tell my sad feeling.

  3. 田代まさしは馬鹿だよ



  4. RIP Shimura san.. we will never forget you.
    And we love from the core of our heart.
    ❤️❤️❤️. You will always stay in our hearts.


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