Microsoft Lumia 435 Review!

It’s finally here, but better late than never right? Here’s my final take, my opinions and my full review of probably the cheapest Microsoft Lumia available on the market right now – The Microsoft Lumia 435! Enjoy!

Microsoft Lumia 435 (US) :
Microsoft Lumia 435 (UK) :
Microsoft Lumia 435 (IN) :

Microsoft Lumia 435 Unboxing and Hands On! :

Microsoft Lumia 435 Gaming Review :


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22 thoughts on “Microsoft Lumia 435 Review!

  1. I have the phone. It's not the best but in the UK it's cheap. I would recommend it if you're looking for a cheap budget phone. I had it for about 6 months and I kind of regret selling my samsung, I'm getting an iphone.

  2. you can't beat the price for 35 as a back up phone in case you don't have 200 or more to replace your broken phone.

  3. I'm not a fan of Windows phone at all, but the video was well made, the screen looks so sad, but its relatively cheap, that being said, for like $40 more you get MUCH better specs with motorola, which makes me think that the motorola is a better buy, OR, that microsoft could've done better even at this price point with the 435, either way, as I said before, well made video, keep em' coming!

  4. $100 eh? That's like 6600 right now hahaha. Either way, seems like a solid option.. But not the best option lol. Great video btw! Loved the fun shots and I'm hooked to the background music haha

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