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Free and Full Length Spaghetti Western Movie in HD starring Henry Fonda: My Name Is Nobody AKA Shootout. A young, easygoing gunman (Hill) worships and competes with an old gunfighter (Fonda) who only wants to retire.

Full Length Spaghetti Western Movie, English, Cowboy Film for Free

My Name Is Nobody (1973)
Director: Tonino Valerii
Writers: Sergio Leone (idea), Fulvio Morsella (story)
Stars: Terence Hill, Henry Fonda, Jean Martin
Genre: Western
Runtime: 1h 56min
Country: Italy | France | West Germany
Language: Italian, English
Filming Locations: San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, USA
Also Known As: Il mio nome è Nessuno (original title)


Jack Beauregard, once the greatest gunslinger of the Old West, only wants to move to Europe and retire in peace, but a young gunfighter, known only as “Nobody,” idolizes him and wants to see him go out in a blaze of glory. He arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history.


”This is a great Tonino Valerii & Sergio Leone film featuring Henry Fonda & Terence Hill. This is a take on the Trinity character Hill has done in the past, not the same character but a variation of it. This movie is a lot more serious than the Trinity(s) but still provides some very very funny scenes & plenty of them. The more serious side is a great story, a man (Fonda) who is a living legend, especially in the eyes of a stranger (Hill) who will do everything he can to see his hero get written in the history books. It is adventurous, touching, and hysterical. All the elements of a perfect film for me. Also features an amazing soundtrack by none other than Ennio Morricone. Both the film & its score are gems. Worth watching over & over. A true 10!” Written by AriSquad on IMDb.

”Great movie. From an idea of Sergio Leone, the guy from the good, bad and ugly trilogy. Terence hill is awesome. Fonda is himself. truly a great movie, in the best of the A-class spaghetti western tradition. Recommend for lovers of bud Spencer and Terence hill, but even more for lovers of Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. the soundtrack is also fantastic. I found brilliant the way the director combined the lightheartedness of Hill and the stare-down gunfight angle of traditional Eastwood westerns. Also look for they called him trinity and sequel, also great movie, and those include bud Spencer. The movie is actually filmed in New Mexico, Acoma and surroundings, so the scenery is also fantastic. The original language is English, even though most of the cast is Italian, and both the Italian and English version are great. However, in the best spaghetti tradition I believe the Italian might capture some fine details better than the original. Ultimately I believe Terence Hill could have become a famous star of the caliber of Eastwood had he pursued that path instead of continuing the career as Bud Spencer’s partner in crime.” Written by viperpaolo on IMDb.


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  2. I always wondered how he figured out he wasn't a real barber, in the opening scene, but he was tipped off, when he was brushing the razor against his hand and not heather strap.

  3. هل أنت تشاهد فلم في زمن فايروس كرونا 😂😂😂😂

  4. Only an Ashkenazim brain can come up with such a sick script, like so many and most movies (know what I mean?)!

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  6. انا من محبي افلام الكايبوي رعات البقر افلام حلوه وراقيه

  7. Nice movie with morals… not every that is throwing shit at you are bad and not every one who is pulling you out are your saviours

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