Napoleon Defeats Russia: Friedland 1807

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Napoleon brings his war against Russia and Prussia to an end with victory at Friedland, leading to the famous Tilsit conference, after which Napoleon stood at the peak of his power.

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31 thoughts on “Napoleon Defeats Russia: Friedland 1807

  1. Here it is – Part 3 of the Epic History TV Napoleonic Wars series – and my longest video yet. I just couldn't leave out the fall of Heligoland. Don't forget you can get exclusive early access to videos, chat, and votes on future topics at You can also follow Epic History TV on FB and Twitter for updates on progress, sneak peeks and random history thoughts. ALSO don't forget to check out HistoryMarche's channel and our sponsor Skillshare!

  2. Your narration is so epic that quite often I find myself repeating quietly the promotions before the video starts for all the many times I watch.

  3. Russians patriotic feel came only after sensing the burnt smell of holy cities by enemy bands😂😂

  4. Wow, this series is amazing, it offers plenty of depth and knowledge whilst keeping to short convenient episode lengths. I’m definitely going to buy some books on these battles to continue learning.

  5. Еще одно крупное поражение русских в одном ряду с Аустерлицем, Смоленском, Бородино…..

  6. Название ролика на русском,но нет даже русских субтитров….есть даже сербские…

  7. западная блевота смакует неудачи России и замалчивает ее победы

  8. El gran ejercito ruso es aplastado por ejercito frances imperial de napoleon los rusos sufren su 2 derrota y tambien fue aplastado en la batalla de Austerlitz

  9. You know its british made by the way the attack on the neutral country of Denmark was described (Before that there even had been british attacks on danish neutral merchant-shipping) ,and how quickly the narration went on from that. Nothing to see here ,and now to something different

  10. 8:33 Love the whole set up to battle, translating the tactics and tension that men are under in times of pre-battle. You get a sense of the need for good positioning , coupled with the importance for quick tactical thinking under constant pressure. Almost more interesting than the fight itself.

  11. I know this is childish but at 2:19 whoever painted that put quite a bit of detail into the horses butthole

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