Nokia 4.2 review: there's better out there | PUBG gameplay, camera samples, benchmarks, and more

The Nokia 4.2 is the company’s first outing in India in 2019. As much as we like the phone, for its asking price of Rs 10,999 is really competing with better phones. watch our full review to find out.

Host: Sreehari
Editor: Nitesh

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44 thoughts on “Nokia 4.2 review: there's better out there | PUBG gameplay, camera samples, benchmarks, and more

  1. Maybe "there's better out there" according to price….but I don't think there's a lot better out there in terms of a sub 6" display and sub 150mm in length mobile….for that price.

  2. First reviewer of this phone that actually mentions screen viewing angle. Props for that, really important tiny details for average user experience

  3. My microphone doesn't work on direct calls and 3rd party apps when sending voice notes 🙄 it works for some time if the phone is restarted. But the problem comes back after some time 🙄 any solution??

  4. Super presentation srihari honest professional and informative and diplomatically matter of fact.thq. Raj Menon

  5. Nokia 4.2 me auto call recording nai aata aur play store me thi d load karte ho to saamne vali voice nai aati .kya aisi koi app hai jo dono ko aavaz aaye .

  6. I have a Xiaomi with the same price with FHD, Sony imx cam, 3gb ram/32gb rom, sd625, 4000mah battery Android one with Antutu of 90k score. Nokia is so pricy.

  7. I have the 4.2 and let me tell you it's AWESOME!everything on this phone is great I totally recommend buying this phone

  8. I got mine today, 12/20/19. I must say it feels really good on the hand and I think the round edges are pretty sexy.

    Ps. Is that a KZ earphone? It looks the same as the one I'm using.

  9. This phone is a bag of shit I had to refund two different handset's. Don't buy them buy the Motorola g7

  10. I like the image though, not digital looking, and perform like DSLR. Maybe try shoot RAW to bring back the missing dynamic range.

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