Oppo Find X2 Pro: One-Upping the Champ?

One-upping the Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t easy…
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First look sponsored by and device provided by Oppo. They did not receive copy approval rights to this video.

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35 thoughts on “Oppo Find X2 Pro: One-Upping the Champ?

  1. More capability than I need and little too large for my hands. Nice phone nevertheless. What is the projected price of the phone if known? Thanks for the nice intro of the phone!

  2. solid, but wish it has flat screen and front dual speaker. having a bezel is not ugly, oppo. Samsung learnt the lesson

  3. Not a first impressions or a full review, but a 'highlight'? Haven't seen much of these from Mkbhd – confused if I can trust this.

  4. Hey thanks for great videos all the time. May I ask which camera did you use to shoot this video itself? Thanks.

  5. How about do a full review of OPPO Find X2 pro? And how about do a comparison between Samsung S20 and it? It will be so interesting.

  6. I am thinking of buying my first Android phone this year. Right now the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro looks the most promising if the leaked info is correct. But I wouldn't mind some other choices so a full review on Oppo Find X2 Pro would be great.

  7. Guessing this is going to be the base OnePlus uses for the 8 pro. Looks very similar to the leaked renders, and the specs are in line with what you'd expect from the "pro" line as well.

  8. It could be the best device ever and at half the price, I'd rather give my money to a Korean or American company than the People's Republic of China thanks.

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