TAEYEON – Dear Me (TAEYEON Concert – The UNSEEN) – Reaction

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34 thoughts on “TAEYEON – Dear Me (TAEYEON Concert – The UNSEEN) – Reaction

  1. As for me, you r really awesome, but you don't understand russian auditory, you can make them love you, coz u are great, and show us funny or serious things. Anyway you wouldn't answer me)))

  2. This ive waiting for you to react…but why you didnt first watch its MV..anyway thanks for this vid and I like you bigZ when you always react taeyeon..hope you also react her "if" live

  3. Our Queen❤ Always will be.
    Please do another video with taeyeon's Voice japan tour live. That is on another level. You'll be amazed by that~

  4. Hi! This is new for you singer. Zemfira. She is just cool!!! and she writes all songs by herself. Ther are some of them:
    "London's sky" "Небо Лондона" https://youtu.be/7kzv1g9kY8s
    "Infiniti""Бесконечность" https://youtu.be/VmYpUpMoLYQ
    "We're breaking" "Мы разбиваемся" https://youtu.be/mLYRk_1Felw
    "Arrividerchi!" https://youtu.be/OyAGfsRMFF0
    "Do you want?" https://youtu.be/snf7q-X468A
    "Don't let go" "Не отпускай" https://youtu.be/Cn-uAGH0DA4

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_dWvTCdDQ4 Little Big new song, for eurovision. Plus the girl behind is the female voice of Leningrad!!!!!!

  6. I really like her voice too😭 It's just like an angel😭 please react to her bside song on her new album please, they are all amazing: wine, better babe, lol…

  7. Little Big – Uno – Russia 🇷🇺 – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_dWvTCdDQ4

  8. This performance makes me cry every time I watch it. "I love myself; I trust myself." – such beautiful lyrics. Taeyeon has been through a lot and recently lost her father. I hope she is surrounded by love and support. x

  9. Thank you for the reaction. Could you please react to Dimash's brand new original song Your Love. It's on his YouTube page. English song, lyrics by Lara Fabian and composed by Igor Krutoy. Amazing song. Thanks

  10. Hello! Dimash has a new epic song titled Your love uploaded on his own utube channel, I hope you check that out❤️

  11. Hi! I saw that you reacted to one of Mafumafu's songs about a month ago and seemed to like it a lot. Mafumafu is really one of my favorite singers so I think it'd be really cool if you reacted to a few more of his songs. I won't suggest too much, but I'll just suggest two of his more popular songs (as can be seen by the view count on his YouTube Channel).
    Mafumafu sang a cover of "Hated By Life Itself," which is a pretty popular song, and it ended up being the video with the most views on his channel (~60.4 million views), so assumably it's the most popular one on his channel.
    Mafumafu sang an original song named "Sacrifice," which he wrote as an opening for the anime "To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts." This song is his most popular solo original song with roughly 17 million views.
    These two are it! I'd like it if you'd react to these two songs. Thank you very much.

  12. Hi guys. You have to react to this cover by 4TH IMPACT. IMO, one of the best that these 4 amazing sisters have ever done, considering the great videos they have made so far. 🙂
    "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyig3JOwwNE


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