Tom Hank Fans DISTRAUGHT Over Coronavirus Diagnosis!

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As if the world wasn’t already up in arms over the rapid spread of Coronavirus, yesterday’s news hit a little different as the beloved Tom Hanks revealed in a statement that he and his wife have both tested positive, and fans and celebrities alike are in major meltdown mode.

The fact that 2020 has truly put us through the ringer in three short months, is a sheer understatement.

We’ve come close to WWIII, we lost Kobe, the stock market is crashing, and the world’s current most contagious, deadly virus has gone for the ONE person we thought was safe from all harm….


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50 thoughts on “Tom Hank Fans DISTRAUGHT Over Coronavirus Diagnosis!

  1. People need to stop with the pedophile rumors about Tom Hanks people just say that on the media to scare us and I don't even understand how people are getting such ideas. I don't even care anything about Ricky Gervais or what he says!

  2. It’s not such a wonderful day in the neighborhood now with him getting sick and the virus spreading more and places being quarantined and schools shutting down

  3. I understand that there's thousands of people dealing with this right now…
    But please God don't take Tom Hanks yet

  4. It took getting this for the world to stop and take notice. Sad but true. It really makes it hit home. I just wish a Kardashian had got it first, they would have produced a cure for it within 2 hours.

  5. NOT TOM HANKS!!!!!! If anyone would survive the coronavirus, it’s Tom Hanks. Push through it man! You got this!!

  6. I am heart broken that the pair got this horrible Coronavirus. But I am with the people that are in high Hopes that they will get over this greatly. This does show though that no one is safe from this. Prayers and Love to all that are going through this virus one way or another.

  7. i’m not kidding when i say, i cried for a full 20 mins when i found out and i hope that they make a full and speedy recovery ❤️

  8. we need to be strong and pray for everyone that is sick and we will prevail with God help, take care and God bless

  9. I am sending my prayers and hopes that Tom and Rita recover 100%. We love you Tom we are thinking of you. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Prayers to one of my favorite actors! Coronavirus has messed the wrong person! Get well soon! In my prayers!

  11. How dumb all you people are. You only know a person by a movie!
    Tom Hanks is a leftist Democrat progressive communist asshole!
    He wishes the worst things for you and the USA! Look it up!
    God is punishing him!

  12. The workers where Tom is rolled in a Wilson volleyball to keep him company. It was cute! He’s such a strong positive guy! They’ll get through it:)

  13. Fans do not need to worry. He and his wife will be fine. They have the resources and the health. If they were elderly with respiratory problems, then that would be a problem.

  14. My daughter's school district is closing schools starting tomorrow until the 30th. This thing is crazy. I'm hoping all the best for the Hanks'.

  15. Tom Hanks fans distraught? Er no and if they are then they should perhaps get out more. I wish Mr Hanks the best but no more than any other person, 'celebs' are nothing special just people they eat, they shit, fart, puke and die just like the rest of us.

  16. He has the best health care money can buy, he’s an otherwise healthy man. For heavens he will get over it.

  17. Soon as celebrities get it it's news but when we get it it's nothin remember these are civilians too nothing special however wish him the best

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